2019-05-24 19:16 

An event made to celebrate the new update and thank our players for supporting us!

+50% (Silks) on every donation you make for 24 hours only, buy now or miss it forever!

Note: +50% event is active on both Superrewards & paypal donations.


Erythrite Crew


News Update #6

2019-05-12 04:47 

Update information:

1- increase exp rate , item drop.
2- Changed Weapon glow .
3- Reset Honor Buff , 
you can get honor buff from trade.hunter,thief reward every trade = 1 Point.
PS: and you must register in academy first.
PS: int and str uniques BOT = ban.
4- Changed Arabian Uniques Spawn time will be every 2 hours.

News Update #5

2019-05-08 06:27 

Server updated successfully

Update information:

1-Added coins at Titles & Coins shop -Gold coin

(1.500.000.000 - 10 Erythrite points "job points")

-Silver coin (500.000.000 - 5 Erythrite points "job points")

2-Replaced all specials npc to hotan (beside Hotan stable)

3-Fixed Arena & Capture the flag events

-Arena reward [10 arena for winners - 2 arena for lossers]

-Replaced ice trophies "CTF Reward" for arena coins so you can get 1 arena coins each kill

4-Removed Stones NPC and add Immortals & Astrals stones at special npc

Donate Events

2019-05-07 20:35 

50% in donate silk will end after 20 hours from now ! superrewards and paypal only !

News Update #4

2019-05-06 08:09 

increase stone stack to 10k
fixed Special Wizzard Avatar s icon
decrease Seth/HAROERIS HP.
Fixed Immortal/Astral in npc dc and now its tradeable.
Potion HP , MP Its tradeable now.
Change Silk Scroll Price .
decrease Global Price to 50 Silk.