News Update #3

2019-05-06 08:08 

Update information:

increase EXP SOLO / PT
increase Rate Arabian Uniques Drop
Fixed Arabian Uniques Spawn time
Fixed Honor Buff.

News Update #2

2019-05-06 08:08 

Added [5] arabian uniques(Khulood , Karakadann , Thief boss , Harrison , Abshad Forcel)
Uniques area
Khulood Spawn at Jangan Tomb (Inside)
Karakadann Spawn at Black Robber den (Inside & outside)
Thief Boss Spawn at Ong Habitat
Harrison Spawn at Forest of Sorrow (Constantinople map)
Abshad Force High General Spawn at Karakoram (Inside)PS:Arabian uniques respawning every 4hours
Trade route has been changed.
We moved Constantinope trade shop npc to samarkand
PS:you are able to trade (ONLY) from samarkand to alexandria.
Increased job reward
[Trade Reward] 175,000,000 gold instead of 100,000,000 gold
[Thief Reward] 75,000,000 Gold instead of 50,000,000 gold
[Hunter Reward] 75,000,000 gold instead of 30,000,000 gold
We increased the job limit to [15] instead of [12]
Increased trans pet hp to 507K instead of 307K
Added title NPC
You will find it at hotan city (beside arena shop)

News Update #1

2019-05-06 08:08 

1- Fixed HP-MP Pick from mobs.
2- Changed MaxStack Elixirs/arrow/bolts To 10k.
3- Added New Scroll Glow For Weapon.
4- Added New underbar.
5- Changed Weapon Effect .
6- Fixed Happy Events.